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5 Questions To Ask Your Online Conveyancer

Although online conveyancing has existed for years, it has become popular in recent years owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to social distancing and movement restrictions, people are increasingly seeking the services of online conveyancers. The article below details some questions that you should ask your conveyancing professional. Hopefully, they will ensure you work with an experienced conveyancer. 

1. What Is Your Area Of Operation? 

Most people will forget to ask this question. However, it is a critical consideration when hiring an online conveyancer. Typically, conveyancers based within your area have an in-depth understanding of applicable property laws. For instance, the building code in a flood-prone area could significantly differ from that in a location with unstable soils. Besides, the conveyancer will know the documents the property owner needs to submit. For example, a swimming pool safety certificate may or may not be required depending on your locality. 

2. Can You Share Your Professional Documentation? 

The conveyancer must provide you with a genuine and valid operating licence. Besides, they should be a member of a professional conveyancing organisation. These associations are essential in case you have a dispute with your conveyancer. Additionally, the organisations compel their members to treat clients respectfully and with dignity. Some conveyancers will have additional documents such as post-graduate or professional development courses and accreditation certificates by real estate associations or magazines.

3. What Kind Of Property Deals Have You Sealed?

Ideally, you will want to know the largest property deal that the conveyancer has sealed. Ideally, you want a conveyancer who has helped clients transfer larger properties than the one you intend to buy or sell. It would also be wise to evaluate the conveyancer's reputation. Always go for professionals with excellent reviews and ratings. 

4. What Services Do You Offer Your Clients? 

The conveyancer should offer all conveyancing-related services. It ensures that you do not have to hire third parties as you purchase or sell the property. Ideally, the professional should help out with property appraisals, inspections, due diligence, drafting the contract of sale and lodging property transfer documents. When buying property, the conveyancer should also help out with financing. 

5. How Do You Charge Your Services? 

Ask the conveyancer to send a quote before you formally hire them. Ideally, go for a conveyancer who has a fixed charge. For instance, they could charge a specified number of hours or a small percentage of the property cost. 

When hiring a conveyancer, assess their operating area, professional documents, previous deals, services and charges.