What Are the Steps Involved in Pre-Divorce Property Settlement?

When two people have been together for any length of time, it's almost inevitable that some of their property will be "co-mingled." What kind of complications can this present when these two go their separate ways? The Property Pool During a divorce, both individuals must decide who keeps what and how any property pool will be divided. However, this is rarely a straightforward matter. Unravel the Complications  Certainly, it may be possible to point to legal ownership where contracts or other documents are available, but what happens in the case of a joint bank account or a shared home? [Read More]

Reasons To Write Your Will Today

A will is one of the many tools to control events in your absence. This issue makes people think of their mortality or relinquishing one's possessions. Whichever excuse you may have for not writing a will, it does not justify your hesitation. This piece discusses some primary reasons people shouldn't postpone writing their wills.  Efficiency How efficient is your plan to transfer your belongings to beneficiaries? Most people without a will leave their relatives to determine the best way to share the estate of the deceased. [Read More]

Divorce FAQs

Thousands of couples divorce in Australia every year. Therefore, it would be safe to assume that the divorce process is fast and seamless. However, this is not always the case since each divorce has its own complications. Below is an article with some divorce FAQs. With luck, the information in the excerpt should help you plan your divorce.  How Does One Apply for Divorce?  There are two ways to file your divorce application; jointly or individually. [Read More]

Emerging Trends in Personal Injury Law

Personal injury lawyers often strategise about providing better services to clients. However, as the lawyers ponder over excellent service delivery, the constantly evolving personal injury law field muddies the water even further. It means that personal injury lawyers must be at their absolute best to identify and understand emerging issues in the field. Most importantly, the awareness helps them make better decisions regarding customer service. Here are the emerging trends that personal injury lawyers should watch. [Read More]