Getting my divorce settled

When Is It Critical To Consult With A Family Lawyer?

When it comes to enlisting the services of family lawyers, a majority of people tend to assume that it is only crucial if they are going through a divorce. However, this is a gross misassumption. Family law covers a myriad of things concerning familial relationships. Thus, as long as you need to resolve something legally with someone that can be defined to be your family, be it biologically or legally, then it is imperative to seek and hire a reputable lawyer to represent you in the matter. So if you have been under the impression that these services are only important during a divorce, here are a few additional scenarios that mandate consultation with a family lawyer.

Financial disagreements

Matters that involve money can be challenging. Perhaps you are mentioned in a will as a beneficiary, but the executor, typically a family member, does not recognize you as an individual that should receive part of the inheritance. On the other hand, you might have come up with child support or alimony agreement with an ex, but then they choose to either stop paying or end up falling behind their scheduled payments. If trying to resolve this issue one on one does not bear any fruit, then it is time to hire a family lawyer. This professional will represent your interests, whether in or out of court, and will potentially get you a favourable outcome regarding the money owed to you.

Filing court documents

As mentioned earlier, family law covers a vast range of issues concerning the familial unit. Thus, if you are caught up in a matter that warrants you to file documents in court, then you are better off hiring a family lawyer. These documents can include but are not limited to proof of being the responsible parent during a child custody case, evidence of domestic abuse and more. While it may seem cheaper to submit the documents in time, the reality is there is always the chance of errors in your paperwork. A family lawyer will not only ensure that all the documents are accurate, but they will also submit said paperwork before the deadline, which goes a long way in preventing potential issues that could lead to an unfavourable verdict.

Spousal abuse

Abuse from your spouse is not limited to physical trauma. However, some people may be unaware of this and end up staying in their marriage under the belief that they do not have any proof of emotional abuse. If you feel that you are being undermined to a point that is affecting your mental health, a family lawyer will know how best to navigate this case for you. Hiring this professional helps build a formidable case while also ensuring you receive any protection needed before and after the hearing.