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What Students Should Consider Before Undertaking a Career in Animal Welfare Law

Animals are part of our lives, whether wild or domesticated. It is worthy to mention that the protection of animals is enshrined in the Australian constitution, which stipulates the interaction between humans and animals. If a law student is passionate enough about animals, then a career in animal law will suit them. Additionally, a career in law is very rewarding since few legal practitioners have specialized in this highly focused niche. Nonetheless, many students are not aware of the factors to consider before undertaking a career in animal law. Conducting prior research before deciding to specialize in animal law is paramount to avoid disillusionment. This article highlights such aspects that include the following:

  • Area of Specialization – identifying the specific area of specialization one desires to pursue is important since animal welfare offers different opportunities in various sectors of the economy. A student can work for the government or the numerous nongovernmental organizations that deal with animal issues in the country.
  • Experience – gaining some practical knowledge in your field of choice is essential before making a major decision concerning career. Students should conduct interviews with industry experts or volunteer their time since these things will offer insight about the field. Consequently, a student should reflect on gained experience and decide if they are ready and willing to continue with this particular route with some level of certainty.
  • Personality – the student should evaluate himself or herself to ascertain if their character is aligned with a career in animal law. For instance, dealing with animals requires a person who is patient, kind, and observant. A student who posses such traits has a better chance of success.
  • Passion – Having the passion to take care of animals is the ultimate requirement for students who want to deal with animal matters in their careers. Without the zeal for animals, it would be difficult for one to fit into an environment where they have to deal animal welfare matters on a daily basis. Potential animal lawyers should consider this critical aspect before plunging into the field.
  • Compensation – Even though money shouldn't be the first thing to consider in a career, it is important. A student should conduct background checks about salary ranges in the market and decide if the reward is commensurate with the effort required. However, a good number of individuals in this career derive pleasure from intangible aspects like fighting for animal rights.