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Reasons Why You Should Hire a Workers Compensation Lawyer

Most employees are aware of the fact that they are entitled to compensation from their employer in the event that they sustain injuries on the job. However, not many employees realize that the amount of compensation that they could end up receiving may not be sufficient to compensate them for the injury sustained as well as lost wages. As such, they end up signing a subpar settlement simply because they do not know what the truly deserve. This is why regardless of knowing that you will receive compensation, you should still enlist the services of a workers compensation lawyer. Here are some of the reasons why.

You require subsequent surgeries due to your injury

In some instances, you may find that your claim is denied by the insurance company simply because you have requested the compensation to cover subsequent surgical procedures. This is because insurance companies do not want to pay off more than they need to. As such, they tend to have a number of restrictions in place to limit the amount of compensation that they will pay out. In this instance, you would be better off enlisting the services of a workers compensation lawyer, as they would be better suited at petitioning for coverage for any surgeries pertaining to the injury sustained.

You have sustained a permanent injury

When it comes to injuries, you cannot always tell for sure how you will recover. In some cases, the doctors may consider it serious, but since everybody's recovery time is different, you could end up bouncing back. On the other hand, there are complications that may arise from your injury down the road that may have not been foreseen. This may cost you your ability to work as you used to, thus entitling you to permanent disability benefits. To prove that you require permanent benefits, you would have to navigate through extreme hurdles to make the insurance company increase your payout, and this tends to be a herculean task for the average person. Rather than taking yourself to task to get these benefits, you would be better off having a worker's compensation lawyer petition on your behalf for lifelong disability benefits.

You have a pre-existing disability

If you already have a pre-existing disability and then sustain an injury that compounds it at work, it becomes much harder to get the same amount of compensation as an able-bodied individual would. This is because the insurance provider may argue that the injury you sustained was caused by your pre-existing handicap rather than employer negligence at work. In this scenario, you would be advised to seek the services of a worker's compensation lawyer, as the burden of proof would lie with you.