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When It Can Be Good to Use a Migration Agent

A migration agent is someone who helps people fill out and file the necessary applications when migrating or trying to move to another country. In Australia, you are not legally obligated to use a migration agent when looking for a long-term visa into the country or to bring some family in after your visa is approved, but their services can be very valuable. If you're trying to decide if you should use a migration agent for your visa or someone else's application, note when it can be good to rely on their services versus going it alone. 

1. When there is a language barrier

You may be able to run a website through an online translation site and get the basic understanding of what it's trying to say, but this can be very shortsighted when it comes to paperwork needed for migrating to any foreign country. Misunderstanding even one term or phrase can mean paperwork that isn't filled out correctly, or a missed deadline for submitting supporting documents. If there is a language barrier when it comes to migrating, use a migration agent so they can find an expert translator or let you know your options for getting paperwork in your native language and ensure everything is done properly and in a timely manner.  

2. You need a skills assessment

If you're migrating to Australia on a work visa or hoping to find work in Australia, you may need a skills assessment. This tests your skills and knowledge for certain specialized trades and industries. Trying to find the right testing for your skills so that the assessment can be filed with the migration paperwork can be difficult, but a migration agent will know the assessments you need for your industry and will ensure these are done properly and filed with your application so nothing is delayed. 

3. You and your partner are not legally married

If you are involved with a long-term partner and want to bring him or her into the country after your visa has been approved, you may need to have supporting paperwork showing your relationship. There are certain requirements for this paperwork and for the relationship itself in order for your partner to qualify for their visa, but they can be approved even if you don't have a marriage license. Rather than assume that he or she cannot get a visa because you're not legally married, have a migration agent (such as one from The Immigration Group Pty Ltd) review your situation and tell you your options for their visa application.