Top Tips When Writing A Will

The will plays a critical role in the estate planning process since it gives direction on how you would want the estate managed and divided once you die. Below are some vital considerations to make when writing a will.  Decide What To Include In The Will In Australia, you can only bequeath property that you own. As such, you cannot include joint assets in the will. If you wish to incorporate such assets in the will, you should ensure that they are transferred in your name.

Top Tips When Hiring An Online Lawyer

Online lawyers have become quite popular since the COVID-19 outbreak. They offer legal advice and help out with issues such as conveyancing and commercial law, which do not require you to go to court. Choosing an online lawyer can be quite overwhelming. It is especially so since many lawyers offer online services. So, how do you hire an online lawyer? Below is a comprehensive guide.  Check The Lawyer's Specialisation And Experience