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Reasons To Write Your Will Today

A will is one of the many tools to control events in your absence. This issue makes people think of their mortality or relinquishing one's possessions. Whichever excuse you may have for not writing a will, it does not justify your hesitation. This piece discusses some primary reasons people shouldn't postpone writing their wills. 


How efficient is your plan to transfer your belongings to beneficiaries? Most people without a will leave their relatives to determine the best way to share the estate of the deceased. This process requires everyone to follow and agree to the transfer before government officials who execute probate laws in your jurisdiction. The process involves a lot of procedures and paperwork, which you can avoid.

Beneficiaries must go to the probate court, but any disputes end in intestate administration. Complicated cases result in huge costs and time wastage and may dilute the amount you set aside for your beneficiaries. Therefore, a will can help you streamline court processes and designate an executor to represent your interests whenever cases arise regarding the stipulations of your will. 


Parents should care for their children and ensure they pursue their dreams without hindrances. However, how do you ensure your children are alright in your absence? A will helps you designate relatives and friends who can take charge of your children until they are old enough. This arrangement enables you to cater for minors and ensure they always have a guardian in your absence. 

Your children may not know about your income source, assets and plans for their future. Wills are parents' ways of stipulating such plans and providing guidelines regarding their children's future. Therefore, do not postpone putting such plans in a legally enforceable document. The will is your guarantee that your children get the proper care, education and support. 

Digital Assets

Modern-day wills may cover a digital aspect of your assets essential in running businesses and maintaining a fanbase. For example, you need someone to have the passwords for your cryptocurrency wallets, social media accounts and contacts of valuable associates. You may also own valuable items such as non-fungible tokens, which your beneficiaries should have in your absence. 

Wills can encompass details regarding your digital assets to ensure that such items are a benefit for your beneficiaries. In addition, the fanbase you cultivate for your business requires constant engagement to ensure the firm's digital marketing tactics are viable. 

Some of the main reasons you should not postpone writing a will include efficiency in asset transfer, the fate of minors and the transfer of digital assets. Talk to a lawyer to get help writing your will.