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How to Choose a 24-Hour Country Process Server

There are several reasons you may need process service. For instance, you may need divorce documents, summons, cross complaints, subpoenas, or restraining orders delivered to the other party. Suppose you need the documents delivered urgently, you certainly require a 24-hour country process service. Given there are numerous service providers in the market, how would you choose one? Read this guide for some tips. 

Examine Reviews and Check the Company's Code of Ethics

Although you may be in a rush to send the court documents, it is prudent to check online reviews to determine the best service providers on the market. Remember, the documents could become invalid if the process server disregarded the law. Additionally, you want a company that guarantees the papers will be served within the stipulated time. Check the company's website to determine if they understand the process service laws applicable in Australia. It would not hurt to call them to inquire about the experience and training of the process servers.  

Check the Area of Operation

Where do you want the documents delivered? Always inquire about the company's scope of operation to establish if they can dispatch the papers. When delivering the papers abroad, the company should demonstrate a sufficient understanding of the Hague Service Convention and applicable laws in the other country. For example, the company could advise you to consider service through diplomatic channels. 

Consider Companies That Offer Online Services

You do not need to visit the process service company's offices to deliver the documents. To save time, some companies have an online portal where you scan the documents to be delivered, describe the other party and their location. The company sends an invoice. Upon payment, the company begins the process and sends proof of service once the other party receives the documents. 

It would be wise to check the services offered by the process service company. For example, does the company file the proof of service with the court? What measures does the company employ if the respondent cannot be found? For example, some companies have private investigators to trace the respondent. 

Compare Quotes

Before making a choice, compare quotes from process service companies that meet the above eligibility criterion. Most people will instantly go for the cheapest company. However, you should consider one that offers the most value for your money. For example, it could be the company guarantees to serve the documents in under twelve hours. 

When choosing a 24-hour country process server, assess company reviews, area of operation, availability of online services, and pricing. Contact local suppliers to learn more.